Stapje terug
Illustrations for ZiN about taking a step back workwise, which can also mean a step to the side.
Alles wat ik wil, is iemand die me ziet
A spread for online magazine 'Ik reis met bagage' about the fear not to be seen.
Een maand zonder alcohol
A portrait of Anne Pek, who drank mint tea instead of wine for a month and wrote an article about it for Psychologie Magazine.
Meer bereiken zonder moeite
Psychologie Magazine explains that you can work more effectively if you give yourself a limited amount of time for a single task.
Ik denk aan je
What to say to someone who is sick, for ZiN.
Psychologie Magazine - hoofdzaken oktober
Married people do less sport.
Psychologie Magazine - hoofdzaken september
30% of Psychologie Magazine readers narrate other people's anecdotes as if they are their own.
Nieuwe Gezinnen Kalender
I paired up with Nathalie Simons to create a calendar about non-traditional families, containing 52 assignments, questions and tips.
Psychologie Magazine - Het Keerpunt
Psychologie Magazine's readers write about turning-points.
RADAR+ - Gezondheidsmythes
Health myths for RADAR+
Psychologie Magazine - Vergroot je overtuigingskracht
Improve your powers of persuasion with Psychologie Magazine's workbook, which is packed with my illustrations.
Psychologie Magazine - Zomerse brainwalk
Train your brain by taking it for a walk, in Psychologie Magazine.
Kek Mama - Eerlijk zullen we alles delen...toch?
Managing money and marriage, for Kek Mama
Heijmans, Hé - Kernwaarden
These illustrations for Heijmans' magazine Hé each represent one of their core values; inventive, cooperate and professional.
Psychologie Magazine - Werkschriftje - meer rust
Illustrations for a workbook that helps you develop a more calm lifestyle
Ymere werkt - Eerst kiezen, dan koersen
Editorial illustrations for Ymere werkt via Overhaus
Heijmans - _overruimte
For Heijmans' corporate blog _overruimte
Simons & Zwarts Familierecht - Divorce
Simons & Zwarts Familierecht asked me to design these two cards. People who are divorcing can use them to break the news. I loved working on this commission because of the huge amount of freedom I got and the personal and sensitive subject.
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